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​Welcome to the Suit Yourself Modernist Culture web site, whether you are a young, hip, trendy Mod just stepping into the cool world of Mod Culture. An older, slightly wiser version rekindled, turning that ember into a flame. An original stalwart of the much treasured and loved scene you've kept alive for decades or an enquiring mind looking for a new adventure we would like to be there with you, every toe tapping step of the way.

Suit Yourself Modernists is all about living in the present with a love of the past but one foot firmly set in the future, it's about having respect for others within the scene and encouraging young blood to continue in the historic movement that other Mods have left behind, it's about attitude, but the right one and standards, not the wrong ones but most of all it's about you and the scene that you love and dedicate a large part of your life to.

The Suit Yourself Modernists web site is designed to be informative, fun and imaginative but most of all immersive, this way we can keep moving forward together, sharing our experiences and experience in a much loved and dare we say it legendary underground movement will only help to keep it healthy. So please feel free to get in touch with us, stories, pictures, events and come and say hello if you see us. Remember...Suit Yourself.....We do.

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