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Suit Yourself Modernists talk to Amy Kay B; about her Modelling involvement in Vintage, Sixties and Modernist photo shoots.


So Amy, tell us a little bit about yourself and your Modernist links?


I live in Shrewsbury, a fairly small town but one with a thriving live music and scooter scene. I grew up listening to The Beatles, The Kinks and The Who, thanks to raiding my parent's record collection, and have always had an affinity with 60's music. My involvement in the Mod Scene began when my husband decided he wanted to revisit the music he used to play with his first band back in the 80's. He was in 2 bands, The Border Beat and then the Five o'Clock Hero followed. Then along came a scooter, lots of new friends and a new haircut!  


Around this time I got approached by a local Mod photographer to model, and started to build my portfolio and take modelling a bit more seriously.


So how much modelling do you do?

I model as a hobby, rather than a career; I have a day job as well, but I like to approach it as professionally as a full time model would.  Fundamentally I do it because I love it - I've met some fantastic people and had a lot of fun on the way!

What are your most recent highlights

Modelling for Carnaby Streak has definitely been one of my favourite projects. We've worked with different photographers, shot in the studio as well as out and about, and I can't recommend the dresses enough.  They are so beautifully made, and Angela's designs could be straight out of the 60's!  


Another highlight for me was the band The Senior Service asking to use my picture on the cover of their first album, The Girl in the Glass Case.  As a fan of The Prisoners, Solarflares, Graham Day and The Gaolers and so many other Medway bands, I was thrilled to be a small part of such a great album.


Have you always been a fashionista

I have always had a love 60's fashion and style. Then for me it was a decade ago that for me I noticed so much more variety, when designers really started to push the boundaries of fashion.  My favourite current designer making 60's style dresses is Angela Williams of Carnaby Streak; I love wearing her dresses on shoots and nights out alike!  


What happening next in Amy Kay B's portfolio

Looking ahead to the rest of the year I'm hoping to be able to shoot in Brighton with Derek D'Souza, a fantastic photographer best known for his pictures of The Jam, especially the cover art from Absolute Beginners. Derek and I have worked together on a couple of different location shoots and we always have so much fun, it'll be great to shoot in some iconic Brighton locations!


Although the emphasis in my portfolio is on Mod and 60's, I do love to explore other styles, and although traditional pinup doesn't really suit my look I've really enjoyed experimenting with a more 60's glamour style of pinup, inspired by the likes of Bridgette Bardot and Satan's Angel.


Where can we see your portfolio, and contact you for booking shoots

I have Facebook page and I'm on instagram as Amy Kay B, and people interested in my shots or booking me contact me from there. Also you can check out Carnaby Streak where I feature a bit.

What else are you passionate about?

Music is a huge part of my life.  Obviously I love music in the Mod genre, and Mod revival, but I also listen to psychedelia, 60's Garage, Soul, Punk, Glam.....the list goes on.  We're lucky enough to have a lot of live music nearby, but we always travel for Steve Worrall's Retroman Blog events. Further afield we are all booked up for the August Bank Holiday, and are really looking forward to the Brighton Mod Weekender.  During the week I listen to The Spinout Show and The Glory Boy Mod Radio Show, both of which keep me adding to my wantlist on Discogs!  My favourite bands are French Boutik, The Senior Service, Galileo 7 and The Spitfires; and I love your review on their Brighton gig

Thanks to Amy B for talking to Suit Yourself Modernists, and we will be seeing her at the Brighton Modernist Weekend, we may even sneak in a few new shots.!

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