Art & Hue creates stylish pop art prints on various themes available in three sizes and a wide choice of colours. Pop art collections are inspired by Mid-Century Modernism, stylish film & TV of the 1960s, and the retro print techniques used at the time.


There's something about the 1960s that is so visually appealing - a real sense of modernity, style, and fun - and it must have been a great decade to live through which continues to inspire. Art & Hue taps into the exciting era to create stylish pop art that captures the spirit of the 1960s.


From mod fashion icons such as Twiggy and the King of Carnaby Street John Stephen, to cult film & television including The Avengers and Thunderbirds, the revolutionary decade impacts on popular culture to this day with forward-thinking style. Art & Hue's pop art collections include classic 1960s icons and titles, including Mid-Century architectureJulie ChristieBeat Films, British Noir titles (such as Sean Connery in "The Frightened City"), as well as classic 1960s hairstyles by Vidal Sassoon in the Mod Hair collection.


The pop art prints are informed by a fascination with halftone, an age-old technique that uses dots to make up the printed image, similar to typeset newspapers of the Fleet Street era. Images are stripped back to their basic elements, dots, to get to the simplest expression of an art print. After applying blocks of colour, different images can take on the feeling of a screenprint, vintage poster, or Early- to Mid-Century book-plate, depending on the subject matter.


Like a magnification of a newspaper or comic book print, the art prints relishes the quirks of retro print techniques, such as offset colour plates, halftone dots, and overlapped inks. There's something about the Art & Hue treatment that lends iconic status to any image such as the Mid-Century office prints for example: rather than a flat photograph or illustration of a telephone, lamp, or typewriter, the Art & Hue treatment seems to tranform them into important objects worthy of inspection and appreciation.


The founder, designer, and artist behind Art & Hue is Odysseas Constantine with a background in the fashion industry, working freelance for many years on branding & design projects for small to large companies before establishing Art & Hue in October 2014.


Whilst nailing a client’s design brief can be rewarding (designing award-winning websites & brand identities for companies of all sizes via one-man-band design agency, such as renowned interiors journalists Copperline.Co and or consulting with large brands on their creative direction and forecasting can be stimulating, Art & Hue is Odysseas' very own way of creating work that reflects his personal aesthetic and interests. What started as a creative outlet separate to the day job has turned into a large collection of stylish pop art prints on various themes.


Having toyed with halftone pop art since 2007, and even sneaking it into some design projects previously, in 2014 Odysseas decided to see if there was a broader appetite for his creative outlet so decided to officially launch Art & Hue as a new design-led interiors art brand producing in-house studio prints, as well as bespoke pop art prints, in what has become Art & Hue's signature style.


Archive photography from film and TV vaults are given new life with the Art & Hue treatment. All pop art prints are designed by Odysseas who takes the lead from the image itself and lets it guide the design process to create the pop art prints. Most of the time it can be a very quick intuitive process where it all slots into place immediately. Experimentation will always continue to push an image until it's decided that the first or second take was "the one". Other times, it can take a lot of experimentation and reworking until either he's happy with the balance or concedes that it's not going to work as an art print, in which case it goes. Ruthless editing ensures the release of only prints that are loved by the creator and hopefully the customer.  


Unlike traditional posters, which are printed on thin paper with inks that fade, Art & Hue creates giclée art prints, printed on 310gsm fine art archival matte card, made from 100% cotton, using pigment inks which last hundreds of years.


Art & Hue has taken part in events where Odysseas has met the subject of the pop art prints such as Mrs Peel herself, Dame Diana Rigg, and presenting the pop art with her to take home (which thankfully she loved). The BFI held a screening to mark 50 years of Emma Peel and invited Art & Hue to install a pop-up exhibition of The Avengers art prints. 


At an outdoor screening of the film "School for Scoundrels" at the very hotel where the iconic tennis scenes were filmed, Art & Hue displayed a small selection of pop art and had the pleasure to meet the star of "School for Scoundrels" Janette Scott who now has pop art inspired by the classic British comedy.


Other pop art subjects, such as iconic British actress Dame Joan Collins and Linda Thorson who played Tara King in The Avengers, have followed @artandhue on Twitter so it's probably safe to assume they must like the pop art prints featuring them. Likewise, Shirley Eaton and Honor Blackman have liked or shared tweets and Instagram images about The Avengers and Carry On pop art. 


As well as the ready-to-buy studio collections, Art & Hue offers bespoke pop art prints where shoppers can have a cherished photograph transformed into a pop art print in the size and a choice of colours to make sure they co-ordinate with the room they're destined to be displayed in.


The full collection of pop art prints are available from the Art & Hue website where prints are available in three sizes and a wide choice of colours.

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