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Video courtesy of The New Untouchables.

The New Untouchables Brighton Modernist and 60’s Weekend  August Bank Holiday 2017.


Well, to us, and I’m sure it was the same with everyone else, this years Brighton weekend came and went in the blink of an eye. All the preparation, months of planning and excitement could mean only one thing. That this years New Untouchables Brighton Modernist and 60’s event was going to be the biggest one to date.


Over the years this annual pilgrimage to the Mod mecca has seen stylish folk from all over the world arrive in droves to celebrate all that is Modernism. The clothes, the music, the scooters, the friendships and whilst there are plenty of other events being staged across the globe over the bank holiday Brighton still holds dear in the hearts of those that attend.


There are arguments of course that Brighton has become too big and some say too commercial but if truth be told it is meerly a reflection of the Mod scene today, crossing all boundaries of age and styles but still celebrating the cult that has spanned five decades. Brighton is a big and diverse city that can cope with the 1000’s that descend on it’s hallowed streets and whether you are a purist, a revivalist or an originalist you can’t help but be in awe at the sheer magnitude that this event has become.


This year, Suit Yourself Modernists were honoured to be part of such an epic event, running the Saturday night at Volks for The New Untouchables and hosting the Sunday daytime at the same venue, Suit Yourself DJ Alan Saunders played alongside established DJ’s from the New Untouchables, we threw in a few guests of our own, Ian Jackson, Ian Hurford and Sea Jays and Vinnie from the Prince Regents (more on those guys later) both events rocked and were very well received by all who attended.


But Suit Yourself were only part of this historic event, The New Untouchables had once again provided the platform for this major success story selling out their own events held at the Komedia where clued up clubbers danced the night away to fabulous DJ’s Rob Bailey, Lee Miller, Bill Kealey, Chris Dale, Sean Chapman, Ady Croasdel, Glyn Preece, Mary Perazzoni, Paul Molloy, Jon Clay, Julian Rochfort, Paul Turner, Rob Powner and Wolfgang Kah. It was not however just the jobs of these talented maestros to keep toes tapping, we were also treated to the live talents of Men of North country and The Baron four who played blistering sets at the Saturday daytime event at Volks.


The New Untouchables Brighton weekend has such a huge effect on the Mod scene that literally 1000’s of people turn up to be entertained, this makes way for other venues to enjoy some of the action, fantastic nights were had all over the city in pubs and clubs with musical variations, with The Prince Regents who managed to drag Phil Daniels onto the stage of the Quadrophenia experience on the beach to join them in a rendition of Blur’s Parklife! a moment the young lads (just 17!) will never forget.


Talking of the film that changed everything Quadrophenia, a huge screen was erected on the beach where the film was screened on the Saturday night and fans of the film could meet some of the stars including Phil Daniels, Gary Shail (Suit Yourself interviewed Gary Shail - HERE) and Trevor Laird. A huge buzz for the films fans.


Thankfully the sun shone all weekend and we were treated to 1000’s of beautifully decorated scooters parading the streets of Brighton culminating outside Volks on Madreira drive where the scooter competition and ride out began on the Sunday. It was a fantastic sight seeing 100’s of chrome adorned machines snaking their way to Smugglers Rest in Peacehaven on a beautiful sunny afternoon and making their way back to Volks where the coolest people of all ages where seen chatting, drinking and buying very cool clothes from the stalls provided. Truly an inspirational feeling for those that were there.


Then Sunday night came along, always the BIGGEST night of the weekend. With the Komedia opening a warm up room at 10pm it was buzzing by 11pm when the Ballroom opened for Brighton Got Soul. Suit Yourself's Alan Saunders span some tunes in the studio room, along side legends Bill Keely & Lee Miller, Alan even got in the last record of the night, that was until Lee decided to slap 2 more on! The Soul room was on fire thanks to the finest Dj's in the world, it was more dancing, drinking and making friends in Brighton’s coolest hangouts. Everyone making the effort to look sharp in tailored or original dress sense. Proud of the sub culture we all sleep, eat and breathe. Thankful that all the planning and excitement had come to fruition. all that was left was to bid Brighton a fond farewell with a tear in our eyes on bank holiday Monday. Reminise on the good times and book up ready for next year for if this year was epic, next year will be even bigger!…….Thank you Brighton, Thank you The New Untouchables, Thank you Modernism. Roll on 2018 !!!!!!

More great official photos of the event can be found on the New Untouchables Facebook page HERE

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