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But Brighton Mod weekender was more than celebrating an iconic piece of film history, it has been a home for the Mod scene for nearly 60 years and since 2004 has been the home of The New Untouchables who continue to dominate the weekend by hosting incredible events at the legendary Volks bar on Madiera drive during the daytime and the Komedia at night. Volks, the focal point for scooters and some say the best part of the weekend due to the incredible amount of stunning machines adorning original accessories on display and this year saw no exception, the sizzling temperatures bought out a record number of beautiful machines that numbered in the 100’s, all of them glistening in the sunshine with owners standing proud as punch with their pride and joys happily posing for photos for snap-happy tourists, well it is the Mod way…..


Inside Volks the vintage market was extremely busy on Saturday and Sunday as clued up shoppers took a brief step out of the searing sun and into a much cooler atmosphere with DJ’s spinning the coolest club sounds to a slightly more chilled and relaxed audience.



The New Untouchables night time action was held at the legendary Komedia and welcomed The Rifles live, For Dancers Only, Out Of Time and Brighton Got Soul as well as live music by Len Price 3 and The Jack Cades. Every event selling out.



Brighton is the biggest event in the annual Mod calendar meant that record turnouts would undoubtedly need somewhere to look cool and have a dance in the evenings, other fantastic promoters worked their modernistic magic in the city to cater for the hip including Brighton’s own legendary event Modesty, Fast Way Of Living, Regency Meets Sidewinder, Eddie Piller’s Modcast who incidentally are hosting their own weekender in October in St Leonards and others all created clubbing coolness in which to dance the nights away. Also lots of goings-on with fantastic DJ’s at the Dorset pub which became a favorite pre-club hang out. If live bands were your thing, The Small Fakers, Secret Affair, The Truth, The Circles, The Sha La La’s and The 79’ers were among others adding to the sweet sound at this packed weekend for the discerning Modernists.



Back to the scooters, Saturday came and went and it was back to Volks on Sunday morning to stake a claim at some seating to try and get a great view ready for the scooter cruise, once again Brighton came alive with the sound of two-stroke loveliness as Madeira drive filled up with 100’s of show-stopping Vespas and Lambrettas, notably the beautiful machines of The Awfully Pleasant Scooter Association and the Bristol Mod scooter club and fantastic to see other clubs in full attendance showing off their own rides. The noise level reached fever pitch as 1000’s, yes 1000’s of people descended on the area to witness what must have been the biggest cruise to date as it took a good 20 minutes just to get everyone on their way! Now at this stage I would normally be saying it would have left Volks scooter free but not this year as well over 100 were left basking in the summer sun as 100’s more enjoyed the Rideout. The remainder of the afternoon was spent catching up with friends, snapping photos and admiring the frankly wonderful scoots on show……


The evening came and as daytime gave way to a more nocturnal way of life once again the venues and bars filled up with sharply dressed, even though a little hot under the collar, boys and girls dancing the night away in one last hurrah with friends from all over the country before heading back to sleep off the daze of another incredible bank holiday weekend in Brighton, there is no doubt that Brighton Mod weekender has become a huge celebration of all aspects of Modernist culture, a true festival of styles, friendships, music and most of all scooters, long may it continue……….I know one thing for sure, next year I’ll need more stamina and a bigger memory card….


Words – Cris Davies and Andy Hill (Chills and Fever Mod club)

With thanks to those who contributed additional photos.

All Or Nothing photo by PhotosbyDavid



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