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The New Untouchables annual scooter in London this year was an incredible experience, thankfully we were hit by what seemed like a mini heat wave and as 100's of chrome ladened beautiful machines made their way through Londons capitol in clouds of blue two stroke smoke, it actually felt that the beginning of 2018's festivities had really kicked off!!, don't get me wrong there have been some amazing events that have happened over the colder months including our very own weekend in Bristol but there is something special about scooters, sunshine, great music, cool people and a fantastic atmosphere that makes the old hairs stand on the back of the neck.

The afternoon kicked off from the legendary Carnaby street and the immense cruise wound its way past Londons iconic landmarks including Buckingham Palace before landing smack bang in the centre of trendy Shoreditch at the Strongrooms. I tell you, those Shoreditch hipsters thought THEY were cool until the hyper cool of the Mod scene turned up in their droves...

The afternoon was spent chatting with friends, listening to great music supplied by the rocket fuelled Little Triggers and The Pacers and a host of fantastic DJ's, taking far too many pictures, making new friends and catching up with old. There was a fantastic friendly atmosphere and lots of mooching around impeccable turned out lavish lovelies (scooters I mean).

All in all a great way to start out the 2018 rally season, I'll leave it here, check out the photos. If you couldn't make it this year make sure it's in your diary for next.........(Cris Davies)

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