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Nothing says style like Italian designing and nothing says Mod like Italian style. Lorenzo Salvatori has bundles of both, the owner of his own clothing company Capirari, Lorenzo has taken the pinnacle of mod excellence and turned it into a very successful clothing brand. we all know that the early London Modernists were captivated by the style of the late 50’s and early 60’s Italians that used to work in the coffee bars and cafes, Lorenzo has taken this influence and added a very modern twist to create a beautiful crafted clothes line that depicts style and elegance direct from the period much heralded as the start of Mod culture.


There is no doubt about it, looking at the quality and the design ethics of the house of Capirari it becomes easy to see why discerning Modernists are queuing up to adorn Lorenzo’s garments, they are impeccable in every way and are made in Italy where Mod styling some say was born. Suit Yourself caught up with this pioneer of Italian design to talk to him about his love of the Mod scene, his label, his style and his elegant clothes line. 


Hi Lorenzo can you tell us a little bit about yourself - Where you are from, what you do, your interests and musical tastes.


Hi Cris, my name is Lorenzo Salvatori. I was born in the summer of 1988 in Pesaro, a small city in Italy, in which I currently live.


I have always had a passion for clothing and for all that it is new and unusual. Since I was a little boy I felt like I had to distinguish myself from friends of a same age, by not following fashion trends. Then, during my adolescence, I came across the MOD movement and I thought that it really suited me. My initial curiosity soon became an actual and strong interest.


Speaking about music, I have a preference for R'n'B, Soul and Jazz but, depending on my mood, I can choose to listen to different music genres in different moments.


What draws you to the Mod scene, where do you hang out, favourite nights and weekends away.


What attracts me the most about this movement is its elitism. Modernism is indeed founded on the individuality of people and it doesn't merely represent a passing trend. Quite the opposite, it is an actual way of life founded on aesthetics and on everything new and unusual.


Over the last years I have attended different national and international MOD events, in which I have the opportunity to meet with other MODS, who deeply inspire and integrate my style. my favourite rally is Brighton mod weekender in the UK.


What are you running around in Lorenzo?, Scooter or car?


Both, for about 4 years I have owned a Mini Cooper and Lambretta SX150 which I love. 

When I travel to town I use the Lambretta,for all other travel, including work i prefer to use my Mini Cooper.


Can you tell us about your love of fashion, your influences, favourite labels and designers.


Speaking about fashion, I have always had a passion for clothing and for all that is new and unusual. I love elegance, tailored suits and the attention to detail. For our creations we are inspired by the relevant Italian sartorial brands such as Brioni, Kiton, Loropiana etc.


During my college years , I had various experiences in the fashion industry. After graduating, i realized my  passion to create a men's clothing line with a specific stylistic identity that stands out from contemporary trends.


Can you tell us about your own label, Capirari, where the name came from, how long it has been established for, the different clothes you make, the process and how an initial idea becomes the thing of reality.


Capirari's clothing label was born about a year ago.


The name Capirari can be translated into English as exclusive clothing. All our products are made in Italy's Marche region, the most creatively bold textile district in Italy. The process of creating all of our garments begins with the research of skilled craftsmen to work on limited run; then we personally, carefully select the best fabrics. The combination of our vision and expert crafts people, plus a commitment to constantly research and improve on our production processes enable our garments to proudly and truthfully proclaim the Made in Italy status. 


Being online has helped you reach a worldwide customer base..


Yes we are based in Italy, but having an online store means we have customers from all over the World. I would also like to say that the most rewarding part of starting CAPIRARI, has been the chance to Fulfil a dream and the opportunity to know and meet lots of people with the same passion as ours, who appreciate what we do.


Do you have any tips for budding young designers?


The only thing I would say is that anyone who wants to pursue this path must believe in what he or she does and work with a lot of passion. 


What are your future plans for the company?


We are planning to enlarge our range even further with other product categories, always made by skilled Italian artisans. Our goal for the coming years is that Capirari become the reference point for lovers of the style who still believe in the excellence of 'Made in Italy' and who want to maintain the exclusive character of this elegance.


Where do we buy your clothes, how do we become customers of Capirari?


You can easily purchase our products on our e-shop: www.capirari.com


We also have Facebook and Instagram pages where you can see all the news and where to contact us for any further information.