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This year has seen the relaunch of CLUB SOUL by Charly records. Charly records are one of the leaders in reissues of rare and undiscovered soul and R&B predominately being issued on albums but are now also coming out as single releases from fantastic artists including Ann Sexton, The Ringleaders, Little Richie, Jerry Williams and Connie Laverne to name a few. Charly has once again dominated the album release form with these four cracking albums of top draw quality celebrating three iconic venues, The Scene Club, Wigan Casino and the Twisted Wheel along with a new Double gated Club Classics celebrating 50 years of Northern Soul! Each slab of glorious vinyl being beautifully pressed with amazing covers and sleeve notes. Makes you want to invest in a record player just to be able to play them.


On The scene album we are treated to massive tracks from Betty Everett, Ike and Tina Turner, Chris Kenner, Bessie Banks, Don Gardner and Dee Dee Ford, Gerri Hall and more with exclusive tracks that are not on the CD from Dr Horse Jack, The Registers and Lee Dorsey, skipping off to Wigan we are blessed with the soulful sounds of The Ohio Players, Blanch Carter The Inspirations, Maurice Williams and more with extras from The Young Savages and Clarence Murray before heading off to Manchester at 'The Wheel' stompers from Benny Spellman, Bobby Bland, Solomon Burke and Bo Diddley are abound with added spice from The Sharpees and Alvin Cash and others not found on the CD release. NIce quotes on all albums by Pete Townsend, Pete Roberts and Russ Winstanley.


The rather outstanding 2 LP release of Club Classics, 50 Years of Northern Soul features anthems from Linda Jones, Lee Dorsey, Sidney Barnes, The C.O.Ds, Ruby Andrews, Gil Scott-Heron, Jerry Fuller and many more. Over 70 minutes of incredible Northern Monsters - A must-have piece of vinyl.


All in all, it's a very welcome return to this critically acclaimed label with more releases on the way, the only thing left to do is join CLUB SOUL to purchase these fantastic albums and other releases.

For more information on the CLUB SOUL label click on the website HERE

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