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Suit Yourself Modernists caught up with Darron J Connett, singer/ songwriter from London whose latest album 'Loyalty Lies' is currently making big waves in the music scene, this crowdfunding project came after Darron supported acts like The Real people, The Hoosiers, The Bluetones and more and felt it time to produce a solo album of his own work. loyalty Lies is a great piece of work worthy of any collection, here Darron gives us an insight into the album and an exclusive look at the life of this rising star........


Hi Darron, can you tell us a little about yourself and your Modernist influences.


Born & breed in Shepherd's Bush London w12 land of the Who, Queen's Park Rangers & the BBC and some say the birthplace of the London working class mod scene which is very different from the Jazz elitist who had money & a more plummy accent. I've been involved in the art of music making from my teens when I got my first record deal. Over the last ten years, I've had many guises CONNETT... The last of the troubadours, Black Noire and obviously my solo stuff as for my involvement in modernism I guess that a personal thing as I love all things mod but not really sure where it is at at the moment. It's gone a bit "if I say it's mod then it's mod" and I don't think I agree with all that & their argument is its modernism but dressing like a peaky blinder or someone from the 50s isn't my idea of mod although I love both of those looks don't call it mod cause it ain't. I never saw Steve Marriott with a quiff so that's my argument but each to there own I know how I like to dress if people except it as mod so be it, if they don't that's cool too. Might write a book "it's not mod". I got involved in the mid-90s on the so-called Britpop wave so I guess I'll always have a bit of indie scally in my look but regardless I love all things mod.


Can you tell us about your writing, who or if you are influenced by?


I'm influenced by everyone who's ever made a record as my lifelong obsession with music commands that. I have my favorite artist like Paul Weller but to replicate anyone is a disservice to yourself & others but obviously, it subliminally seeps in but it's how you display it in its outcome. There are bands that basically emulate their favorite artist & try & convince everyone they're original but it's a tepid version of the original & ultimately fake but I'd rather sound like myself & nobody else. I don't see the point otherwise but I do understand that's held me back as people expect something else but I've stuck to my guns & that's now paying off.


When did your career start and how difficult or easy did you find it.


As I said I had a record deal as soon as I left school & have always written songs & done the hairbrush in the mirror malarky. I've had the next big thing bollocks banded about many times in magazines etc but it's so hard out there now as the industry as a business just want money and fast, that's why for the last ten years it's been so dull in the mainstream. I feel sorry for this & the next generation as they will never have their Bowies, Elvis, Beatles etc and all these people I've mentioned were releasing records way before I was born but at least I've known of their existence. Is Ed Sheerin really it? Is that the pinnacle of rock/pop music in 2018? Don't get me wrong there are some amazing artists out there & really great bands but one album then they disappear. I'm not stuck in the past but musically it's a much better place. I think is appalling but I'm sure the Tarquins & Ollys running the show couldn't care less.


Can you tell us about your first gig, what was it like


I couldn't even tell you when it was haha I've been performing all my life but my first one of note was at the Riverside Studios in Hammersmith supporting a then signed band radio Java. I was only 14 and our school band was on news round, some Saturday morning show so that really gave me the bug. Still love it now I feel very at home on a stage.


And your backing band? Can you tell us about them?


The guys I'm playing with at the moment are the caretaker studio band who I recorded LOYALTY LIES with. There's Paul Hancock on rhythm guitar, Phil on bass & overall music direction. Mani on lead guitar & Izzy on keys. They're all amazing musicians & I love working with them.


You write all your own songs, can you tell us about the process that you go through


Writing for me takes many different forms I try not to be formulated & be as creative as I can. I get an idea and run with it

some connect some don't but I never disregard anything.


How easy was it to release your own work


Well for LOYALTY LIES quite easy I did a crowdfunding campaign with no expectations, not even sure anyone would remotely give a shit but thankfully they did and the target got smashed. I recorded it at caretaker studios with Phil Sorrell at the controls and put it out on my own label Norrad records. This is my debut solo album & pleased to say it's been a success & people seem to love it. It's never easy without a real label or management but it worked for me so over the moon. It's been out 3 months & it's doing incredibly well.


Your latest release, Loyalty Lies, isn't your first release can you tell us about your previous releases


I've released 2 albums with CONNETT...2 eps with the last of the troubadours which featured Rob Pyne from the Rifles & Steve Diggle from the Buzzcocks. Then I had a project called Black Noire & released 1 ep that brought me to LOYALTY LIES my most successful release to date. Solo album no 2 will hopefully start being recorded in the spring/summer so creatively I'm on a roll as they say.


Coming up to date, how has life changed for Darron J Connett?


Life's good & I'm extremely proud of the solo album & if people continue to show support I'll carry on. As the song says as long as there is love I'll carry on. So fingers crossed that the upward trajectory continues.


And can you tell us about the latest album, Loyalty Lies?


Loyalty lies is a concept album about people about life through the eyes of someone experiencing the same things every experience. It's not necessarily about me but more about a character based on me & everybody else. I guess that's why people can relate to it it's a universal state of mind. It's hilarious how many times I've been asked who it's about or was that about me? Haha, dream on dreamer it's much bigger than my immediate surroundings & it's more about me than anyone else bless em. I wanted a title with a double meaning. Where your loyalty lies or loyalty & lies my favorite & worst human traits. It's a little snapshot of life.


Where can our readers buy the album?


The albums available on vinyl, cd, and all download platforms. Contact



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