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When we had the chance to interview two of the scenes most lovable characters who just happened to be brothers we thought 'This shouldn't be too difficult' When you consider we've known them for a while and see them both out and about in Club land so could give them the occasional nudge every now and then. This, in reality is about as far from the truth as we could get, not because the guys didn't want or feel the need to complete such a task but the fellas just didn't have the time! With Dave living in London and Lee living in Cornwall and both of them having such busy DJ, Radio show, record label and promoting careers as well as a huge social calendar to fit in it's a surprise they have time to breathe let alone write up interviews for us, but they duly did, without me hounding them and in time for the June update, so for that guys we thank you.....


Both Dave and Lee have been an integral part of the International Modernist scene since they were very young indeed, you only have to look at the pictures to see that. They have successfully carved themselves into two of the scenes favourite people not only because of their fantastic choice of music whether it be Djing, running a fantastic radio show, signing up bands and releasing material or promoting gigs but more importantly because they are so damn approachable and friendly. yes you could stand with each of them and talk for hours about the scene and music but equally spend hours talking nonsense. This is what makes these two Gents a little special and have gained them friends from all over the world, for now we shall leave the nonsense to one side and stick to chatting about the common interest, that of great music, clubs, bands, memories and the Mod scene. The Grimshaw brothers are archetypal of great Modernists of today. Well dressed, sussed, music mad heroes and we love em for it. They are part of the glue that holds this fantastic scene together and we are chuffed to bits to bring these interviews to you. So, kick back, relax as we leave you in the comfortable hands of two down right lovely people........


First up, all the way from Cornwall - Lee Grimshaw.


Hi Lee, can you tell us a bit about yourself - where you are from and how and when you became part of the Modernist/ sixties scene?


I was born and bred in Gillingham, Kent in a loving family home, but at the ripe age of 19, I relocated to Newquay, Cornwall. Growing up in the surroundings of Gillingham's Priestfield Stadium, I was born in to the Modernist world through my parents and older brothers, Dave and Daz, (mostly with The Jam, The Who and Motown), and my Mum's legendary Gillingham based youth club, which attracted many faces from the Medway Modernist and Scooter scene during its run between 1982-88. Because of my age, I just missed out on the early days of the Medway music ‘scene' heyday, but remember it going on around me.


Having two older brothers who were Mods (yes, I am the youngest!) meant I was influenced from them, and their hand-me-downs. I also grew through the Electro/Hip Hop, Acid Jazz then House side of things. I relocated to Newquay in my camper after completing an apprenticeship, but travelled back up quite regularly for gigs and visiting family. Dave and Daz had already gone down earlier in the year. We used to holiday in Cornwall regularly, and Dave, Daz and I had started a Surf/Skate/Street clothing company (Sorce Clothing), with a Modernist viewpoint, so it made sense to operate it from Newquay. Two years after moving to Newquay, I joined Troglodytes Scooter Club, and travelled silly miles for rallies and events, up to the late 90’s. Music totally took over from then on!


Can you tell us about where you like to hang out, favourite clubs and rally destinations?


I like to get about! It’s important to support as much as you can, and I think between Dave and I we do pretty well. Fave weekends are Dreamsville, Beatwave the New Untouchables affairs. High Rollers Weekender at Las Vegas last year was really good, and everyone was so friendly. For clubs, it’s Out Of Time, Soul Circle and Fast Way Of Living.


Can you tell us why you love the scene and what is it about it that draws you in.


Well, firstly the music, then the style, and the friendly people who share the same passion. It’s a kind of escapism too, and a boost to the soul. The sharpness, the detail and the efforts. There’s something for almost everyone. You’ve just got to sniff it out. I have an open mind, and like to cross-over to many ‘scenes’, but without contamination.


Can you tell me about your musical tastes? We know you are a very diverse, successful DJ, playing not only in clubs but rallies and major festivals can you tell us how your tastes affect the sets you play.


The sets are mostly Club Soul, Boogaloo, R&B, Funk, Mod Raves, Psyche, Garage and Medway affairs, old and new, but I occasionally wear other hats at other events too where I play all music that I’ve grown up with and experienced and been influenced by, and I think this helps me with my vision for the Modernist/Medway affairs.


Definitely assessing each event, and changing the selection in the box. All dependent on who I think might be there, what they’d like, and what I like to think they need to hear too. It’s important to keep a good balance. I like to take a good selection along too, and never prepare a set list, although I will pull a few forward that I know need a spin.


A mix between known, not so known and some testers, keeping that balance, always remembering that not everyone has the same musical knowledge, and mine is definitely still young and growing. Naturally, the sets will be based on the event. Always looking for the perfect beat.


Where have been some of your favourite places to play and have you DJ’d alongside other great artists?


Dave and I were discussing this recently. We did a private gig for a friend’s 40th some ten years or so ago, and he’d hired out a castle in Cornwall for it. An all-nighter! It’s a small castle, up high overlooking vast stretches of Cornwall (but not at 4am!). We got dropped there at 10pm, and collected at 8am the following morning. It was a night to remember!


I was lucky to play at the Medway Legends Weekend in San Sebastián a few years back and got to share it with many Medway musical purveyors, including The Masonics, Lord Rochester, Graham Day & the Forefathers, Ascoyne D’ascoyne, The Galileo 7 and more.


I love live music and always enjoy DJing alongside bands, bridging the gaps, and have been lucky to do this at various events, including the mighty fine Retro Man Blog organized gigs. DJing and performing at the Las Vegas High Rollers Weekend as ace.


The Shiiine On Weekender is always a pleasure to play at. More Indie/Dance based, we’ve put the odd band in too over the years (Theatre Royal, Fay Hallam and Len Price 3), and have played with Corduroy, Freakpower, Blur’s Dave Rowntree (there’s a story there). For last year’s Shiiine On Weekender, Dave and I DJ’d the main stage on the Saturday, supporting The Rifles, Cud, Black Grape and Ocean Colour Scene, which was a good one.


I have been very fortunate to DJ support Graham Day & the Forefathers (and The Gaolers), Downliners Sect, Corduroy, The Claim, Ocean Colour Scene, Jim Riley’s Blues Foundation, Kenney Jones and many more.


You also DJ with the amazing vocal talents of Little Miss Mojo, how does that work?


When I first met Emma, she was already a vocalist with a very soulful history. Already having quite a few instrumentals on vinyl, we experimented and realised how good it would be to bring the records alive at gigs, so we initially started it at a few gigs I was already booked in for, and it worked and was well received.


As a live DJ/PA offering it brings the records to life, and Emma’s voice really does work great with the tracks. In addition to the original instrumental tracks, we’ve also recorded some of our own too, and had these carved up on to personal 45s. We’re constantly hunting down others, and may just be recording some original material soon.


And your brother Dave, do you suffer with brotherly rivalry?


Ha! No, there’s no rivalry at all. We’re pretty good at sharing the whole thing. Actually, we’ve always helped each other out when out digging, although we do try to keep a slightly different collection, in order to allow a wider offering when we play together. Pre-internet, Dave and I used to do quite a few record fairs and trips to London and such, and still do whenever we can. Dave has some good gigs lined up this year, and I’m sure he’ll mention them in his section.


You also run a fantastic radio show, The Spinout Show and host nights under your Spinout Revue guise and jointly with Club Peel can you tell us about them and any other nights you are involved with.


Between 2000-2015, Dave and I ran a regular club night, mainly in Newquay, Cornwall, called Club Peel, tailor made to the lovers of Hammond Jazz, Northern Soul, Funk, Latin, Exotica, Soundtracks, R&B and 60s/70s Soul. We also ran the POW! club night, which saw Medway Magic fused with Indie, Alternative, Punk, Mod Revival and Brit Pop. We had a good crowd, and still play the Club Peel vibe, especially at the Boardmasters Music and Surf Festival.


All things Spinout started out as an online radio show a few years back, initially with Emma, going out as ‘The Speilers - Grimmers and Mojo’ - generally I had the records and she had the voice. More recently, I’m doing most of the shows alone, with Dave, or special guests (Glyn Preece being one recently). It’s a weekly affair and goes out live Wednesdays, 6-8pm at, with no particular planning, we make it up as we go. It’s DIY! It’s a nice stew of primarily Soul, Garage, R&B, Funk, Medway, Boogaloo and Mod Raves, with some added Exotic Delights too.


We did a few show broadcasts from venues, naming it The Spinout Revue, including various performers, bands and DJ’s, and it made sense to continue to use this as a ‘club night’ too, taking it out where ever we can, with a view of getting others involved too. I’ve been trying not to get tied up in regular residencies as to be flexible and diverse.


In addition to this, I have also promoted bands to the South West, with Big Boss Man being one particular regular, and The Sensation Seekers, and this loosely falls under the Spinout umbrella too.


As a collective, we are really pleased with how things are going, and spending less time at a day job has allowed me to spend more time in all musical things. We have a website


How can our readers check out the show?


The show goes out live online at NCB Radio (, TuneIn app, iTunes and our very own NCB Radio app, every Wednesday, 6-8pm, and then uploaded to Mixcloud ( usually on the Friday morning.


Moving onto your record label ‘Spinout Nuggets’ can you tell us about its inception, the idea behind it and what it’s like to run an independent record label.


From a long, long time ago, I have dreamt of running a record label, owning a record shop and managing a music venue. Like many, I have spent many hours hunting/buying records, but was lucky to have two older brothers who also shared the same love, regularly taking the train up to London together on most Saturdays for record shopping, and attending gigs and club nights mostly all over the South East. We’ve done a lot together.


Supporting record labels such as State Records, Detour, Damaged Goods, Crocodile, Heavy Soul, Vacilando ‘68 and many others over the years opened my eyes a little to how a passion and a dream could be combined and maybe become a reality, but equally not a retirement fund. Far from it in fact!


Years later (2017), I was lucky enough to be accepted for voluntary redundancy, following twenty-three year’s service, allowing me to have some investment cash for a few ongoing projects, including the label. So the dream became reality.


The label is no way intended to be something major, or competition to anyone else, and has a huge DIY approach, and who knows if how long it’ll exist. But I would love to continue with it, and continue rolling out gems. There’s a fair few planned in the pipeline. I get to work with some really talented people!


Who are the acts that appear on the label and can you give us an insight into them.


I feel really lucky to have the bands/groups/musicians that are on the label. It all started with Sergeants Mess (another Medway side project), an alternative Garage Punk band consisting of Jon Barker (The Daggermen, The Buff Medways, Goodchilde, Graham Day & the Gaolers, The Kravin A’s, Micky & the Salty Sea Dogs and currently The Senior Service), Darryl Hartley (The Vandebilts, Alvin Purple, Groovy Uncle, Phaze and more recently The Senior Service) , Chris Hearsey and Wolf Howard (The Daggermen, The Buff Medways, The Prime Movers, James Taylor Quartet, Goodchilde, Graham Day and the Forefathers, Micky & the Salty Sea Dogs, The Chatham Singers, The Dear Watsons, The Guy Hamper Trio, The James Taylor Quartet, The Kravin' "A"s, The Solarflares, The Spartan Dreggs, The Stuckists, The Vermin Poets and Wild Billy Childish & The Musicians Of The British Empire and most recently CTMF and The Senior Service). So that was a fairly good start! This was their second release (the first being produced by Billy Childish many years before), and was recorded with Mole. You won’t get to see the Mess live, although if you catch The Senior Service, you’re 3/4 of the way there!


Next up was The Nettelles, a Garage Punk band based in Edinburgh, who formed in 2016 after former Sally Skull members Clare and Saskia (Lord Rochester, Big Russ and Lightnin’ Hollins) got together for a reunion, adding Caitriona on keyboards and Angus (The Thanes, French popsters Les Bof! and The Sensation Seekers) on drums. Recorded at Ravencraig Recording Studios, Edinburgh, both tracks were produced by a combination of The Nettelles and the mulit-talented Russ Wilkins (Lord Rochester, The Wildebeests, The Gruffmen, The Len Bright Combo, The Mindreaders, The Pop Rivets, The Milkshakes), who also famously produced the best LP’s from The Prisoners, amongst many other musical wonders.


The third release was from André M, a British based instrumental Hammond-fuelled Rhythm & Blues artist, with a hint of 70’s Cop Show dusted on the top, culminating in a musical shoot-out between Booker T and Lalo Schifrin. Written and composed by André, and recorded at Set-2 Studios in 2018, André himself played all instruments, except for the Hammond organ on ‘Dodged A Bullet’, which was played by Lee Horsley (of Spiritualized and The Selecter). Check out Andre M’s many other musical wonders!


The fourth release was a three-track EP from Thee Girl Fridays, a lo-fi, high-class, garage twang combo from Edinburgh. Since 2016 they've had the dance-floors twistin'-and-a-shakin’ at some of the UK’s premier Garage, Surf and Beat events such as The Franklin Fest, Beatwave, the Blast-Off! Festival - even King Salami's after-party!! The three tracks were recorded by twiddle-expert and beat stalwart Angus McPake at his Ravencraig Studios. Check out the girls live!


The fifth release came from The Treasures of Mexico, a music project from Mark Matthews and Bob Collins, both ex-members of UK indie legends The Dentists, with Russ Baxter on drum duty (also currently the same for Secret Affair) and Beth Arzy (The Luxembourg Signal, Jetstream Pony) on backing vocals. With Mark on song-writing duties, having released their debut album in 2015, The Treasures Of Mexico released their second album, ‘Everything Sparks Joy’, in October 2018 on Shelflife Records, on CD and digital, to much acclaim, hitting many Best Album Charts at the end of the year. Containing twelve master-pieces, at least one needed to be transformed to vinyl media, to complement record collections worldwide (with two previously unreleased tracks on the flip). It’s a step in to the exciting jangly-indie-power-pop world! Check out the album too, and catch them live!


For the sixth release, step up The Voo-Dooms! If you haven’t heard already, The Voo-Dooms purvey a Trash, Rockin' Voodoo, Garage Punk sound, perfect to get any bone-a-shakin’-and-a-twistin’.  London based, The Voo-Dooms are hardly new-comers, featuring garage punk veterans Bruce Brand (The Pop Rivets, The Milkshakes, The Headcoats, The Masonics, etc), Kevin Smith (The Baron Four), Dave Prince (The Sundowners, The Untamed and The Rat Pack) and Mick Cocksedge (The Untamed, Cordwood Draggers and The Dead Bone Ramblers). Last year, the group released their debut LP ‘Destination Doomsville', serving up 12 tracks of kicking, stylish trash, gaining much air play globally! A follow-up was much needed.


Four recorded tracks later, on this limited hand numbered 7” vinyl release of 500 (200 in Doom Green/300 in Black), Side A kicks off with the self-penned ‘Voo-Doom Twist’, something that’ll make you move, followed by a perfected mean cover of ‘Goin’ Away Baby’.  Side B storms into swinging ‘Diggin’ My Own Grave’, with ‘Another Teenage Dance Craze’ nicely bringing the EP to a close. All songs were recorded by Mole at North Down Sound, Folkestone, Kent and mastered by Jim Riley at Ranscombe Studios, Rochester, Kent. Sleeve artwork by Bruce at Arthole.


Quite possibly, by the time this goes out we would have released the first LP release on the label, from those Italian Hammond-hipsters The Link Quartet! "Secret Sessions" celebrates the 25th anniversary of the band. Recorded live at Tanzan Music Studio on November 16, 17 and 18 in 2018, it features the best tracks of the band and brings its rough, live energy to the listener. From "" to "Minimal Animal" passing through "Italian Playboys", "4", "Fast Girls & Sexy Cars" and "Quattro Pezzi Facili", all the classic Link Quartet repertoire revisited and played as never before!


With a combination of not just the bands/groups, but the recording studios (North Down Sound, Ravencraig Studios and Ranscombe Studios), the producers (Russ Wilkins, Mole and Jim Riley) and the sleeve artists (Bruce Brand, Chris Taylor and Darryl Hartley) too, and having art maestro Darryl Hartley to help out with the logo, I do feel very lucky. Seriously, I am genuinely honoured!


What are your future plans for the label?


The plan is to continue releasing good music, until I’m fully broken! I’m trying for one release a month, but we need people to buy the records!


We also know that not only are you a great DJ, a radio show host and a promoter but you also run an online record shop, can you tell us a little about this.


We have the online record shop for the label, and fellow labels, at, but I also sell used and new records on Discogs, record fairs, Facebook, etc. I was planning on opening a record shop, but being tied up most weekends means I wouldn’t be there much! Ideally, and eventually, I will have a venue that doubles up as a record shop and a music venue. All in good time………..


What are your views of the current music that is played in the scene today, who are your favourite bands and are there any bands that you would recommend we keep our ears pinned back for.


Mmmmmmmmm, well there is a nice variety out there, and simply if you don’t like something, don’t go again. But don’t moan. If you’re fed up with hearing the same thing over and over, there’s possibly ten other people in the room that haven’t heard it before, and need a little education. Of course, we all know the odd two or three tracks that are always requested, but you just need to talk them out of it!


The Galileo 7 have now honed out a fabulous live explosive experience. I’ve seen them a fair few times now, but the last one at the Damaged Goods Records 30th-anniversary gig at The Lexington (with Graham Day & the Gaolers) was immense! Their new album (There Is Only Now) is ace!


Big Boss Man never disappoint. Magical stage presence. Four top fellas, and the grooviest musical wonders out there!


Look Out! for The Hurricanes! Something is blowing over………….


Indie/Jangle lovers should catch The Treasures Of Mexico, The Claim and Jetstream Pony any time they can.


I have a fair few bands lined up for releases, and you really should catch them live too, but I can’t give too much away now, can I?


Can you give us 5 all-time favourites tunes?


This isn’t easy!

1. Bo Diddley – I Can Tell

2. Yvonne Fair – I Found You

3. Little Richard – I Don’t Want To Discuss It

4. Barry ‘Barefoot’ Beefus – Barefoot Beefus

5. Jean DuShon – Second Class Lover


And lastly what advice would you give an aspiring DJ/Promoter/label owner and what piece of good advice would you give a young Lee Grimshaw.


Do it from the heart! DIY is good! Don’t let people get you down.


Before I go....


We honestly do appreciate the continued support, bookings, socialising, laffs, friendships, beers, and of course the events we are also able to attend. And I’d like to take this moment to thank the Sergeants Mess, The Nettelles, Andre M, Thee Girl Fridays, The Treasures Of Mexico and The Voo-Dooms and all that have sailed the releases (bought the 7”), Dave and Ed at AGR, all our show listeners worldwide, Mole and Lois, Russell Crocodile, Russ Wilkins, Adam Cooper, Suit Yourself Cris and Alan, Adrian Gibson, Jordan Cinco, John Manion, Neil Evans and Steve Worrall for all their continued help and support, and services to all Spinout affairs, and all the bands and promoters that put so much effort in to what they do, and of course, my partners in musical crime, Little Miss Mojo (Emma Burnett) and joint socialiser/musical purveyor Dave Grimshaw. You are what you love!


NEXT UP - All the way from the big city of London - Dave Grimshaw


Hi Dave, can you tell us a bit about yourself - Where you are from and how and when you became part of the Modernist/ sixties scene.


Having already had the influence from our parents from their youth in the 60s and the interest of music from then, the Mod revival hit the Medway towns. I was born in Gillingham Kent and the Mod revival was massive there. I remember as young as 11, going to my older cousins house for his 16th birthday to find around 40 scooters parked outside his house and that was it. I wanted what I could see and from there along with the Quadrophenia film, my life was transformed and mapped out.


Can you tell us about where you like to hang out, favourite clubs and rally destinations


Oh wow, there’s so many over the years. We do try and get around all clubs as much as possible to support what’s put on. There’s so much choice now. Dreamsville is always going to stand out. It has everything you want. Margate and Brighton are always favourites. Love the overseas weekenders including the Getaway in Sevilla and over in Cattolica in Italy. Clubs wise, love Soul Circle in Pontardawe, Jelly Roll, Modesty nights, Out of Time, Sidewinder, Fast Way of Living, Mousetrap All-nighters, Jump n Dance in Hinckley, For Dancers Only and so many more.


Can you tell us why you love the scene and what is it about it that draws you in.


It’s everything within it. Love seeing folk dressed up, even the day wear, sussed folk who know how to wear it. Always loved the style within our scene. The music with so many genres ticks so many boxes. Even after nearly 35 years of buying tunes, there’s still tunes out there that I’ve never heard and will get me up on the dance floor. Met so many friends over the years and when you have that same interest in the scene, it’s like you are family. Love everything about it.


Can you tell about your musical tastes and how you became a DJ.


I’ve a very broad taste. Love 50/60s RnB, early ska, jazz, Hammond, soul, beat and garage bands especially those that play that Medway Sound. Also love the old indie sounds, and much more. I actually became a dj when I got out of the scene and flirted with the early house days around 1988. I was a postman then in Gillingham with a friend of mine we decided to give the old djing a go. We would skip doing the second delivery and hop on the train to London to buy loads of new tunes. Back at ours we would practice mixing in from one record to the other, got some local party gigs with hired equipment. In 1990, myself, brothers Lee and Daz hosted a local pirate radio station called Medway Dance, from Saturday midnight till seven o’clock Sunday until that got busted. We was lucky as on holiday at that time so we had nothing seized by the authorities. Mid 90s along with Bruv Lee we started playing at local affairs, parties and scooter rallies spinning all the usual sounds mixed with the odd indie track. The rest as they say is history lol.


Where have been some of your favourite places to play and where would you like to play?


Great question. I’ve been really lucky that I’ve played at so many different places including on a beach, music festival main stages, a cave, a boat, a castle which ended as an all nighter and much more. Where would I like to play? Anywhere where the crowd is open and loves the music which is being played creating an atmosphere where both sides bounce of each other to create that special moment in time.


You often DJ with your brother Lee, do you suffer with brotherly rivalry?


Lol no not at all. We wind each other up in a friendly way but that’s it. We seem to have that knack that we know what each other will play without ever having a playlist. Think that’s a lovely special bond to have. Two people but with one mind. Lee has done so much great work setting up gigs and sorting guest spots at nights, weekenders and festivals, I’ll always be forever grateful for. He laughs that I just turn up with my records then as he’s done all the donkey work lol. Well, I am the oldest brother aren’t I lol.


Can you tell us about Club Peel and any other promotions you are involved with


Club Peel started when me and Lee were fed up with nowhere to go around Newquay and Cornwall, where we was living at that time to listen and dance to great music. So in 2000, followed by many other gigs at various venues and festivals, we started a ten year residency at a Newquay bar called On The Rocks. Music policy was what Club Peel was all about, from Hammond jazz, 50/60s RnB, northern soul, Latin, deep funk, 60/70s soul, ska and soundtracks. The early days was just a huge party with many lock-ins and after hour partying and drinking, we gained a good reputation amongst folk especially the surfers and skaters that frequented Newquay. It was great cause some of the stuff we was playing they never had heard but loved every one of them and really got into it. On our 15th year anniversary, we celebrated on a friends boat on the Thames where we also had the legends Big Boss Man playing to. Lee and myself also promoted and dj ed a night called POW! Where we spun sounds from indie, ska, Mod revival, Brit pop and Medway Sound which was based in Newquay. Upstairs Downstairs was another dj collective Lee and myself founded and dj ed at along with another 3 DJs where we played at various venues and music festivals across the south west playing a more eclectic set where anything goes. Thankfully, after Lee founding the Spinout Radio Show and Spinout Revue, I have now been invited to be part of the team, where we have been honoured to dj at many events, dos, festivals and weekenders.


We are looking forward to you and Lee coming to Bristol as part of the Suit Yourself 2020 weekender. What goodness can we expect from you guys?


We are totally honoured to be involved in Suit yourself modernist events and we’ve got some surprises in our boxes but generally hope what we play across the genres that folk will enjoy and maybe have a little dance to.


What are your views of the current music that is played in the scene today, who are your favourite bands and are there any bands that you would recommend we keep our ears pinned back for.


Personally I love it. I know some may not like to much RnB being played but I do yet I also appreciate all the other stuff like Latin, Beat, ska etc being played. We are so lucky that there are so many top DJs around with great collections, including the youth coming through. Love listening and dancing to what they play. Bands wise, you can’t go wrong with Big Boss Man, the Embrooks, Theatre Royal, Len Price Three, the Masonics, Baron Four, the Senior Service. My all time favourite are the Clique, the Prisoners and Makin Time. Keep your ears out for The Jack Cades. They are very good.


Where can we catch some of the Grimshaw magic, Where are you playing this year?


Best ask the boss Lee lol. No, seriously we’re honoured to be part of your Bristol Weekender, our own Mod infused Weekender Sen Sa Shun in Newquay, a few music festivals here and there. I know there’s others but confirmation is needed before officially broadcasting. There’s always the Spinout Radio Show if people want to hear some good tunes and chat.


Can you give us 5 current plays and 5 all time favourites. 5 current plays;


Eskew Reeder - undivided love Bobby Bland - shoes John Lee Hooker - think twice before you go Ike and Tina Turner - flee flee flea Rolling Stones - off the hook 5 all time favourites; John Lee Hooker - I’m leaving Ruby Andrews - just loving you Jackie Edwards - I feel so bad The Invitations - watch out little girl - The Clique - Reggie


What advice would you give an aspiring DJ?


Mmm, don’t think you’ve got to go and buy all those top dollar tunes. There’s so many more tunes out there at a lower price. Make your own dance floor fillers instead of following others. People will respect you for that as they are always seeking to hear something different. Learn from your peers as there’s so many great DJs about that you can learn from, especially how they read and interact with the crowd but still be yourself. Stand by your convictions but grow a pair cause there will be the odd few people in the crowd that will moan that you’re not playing their favourite record like it’s their own party. Enjoy it most of all.


Lastly, if you could DJ with anyone in the world who would it be and where……


There’s so many DJs I’ve yet to play alongside it would be unfair to name them but I would say it’s got to be me Bruv Lee every time. Venue could be anywhere just as long as we’ve got our tunes and an open minded crowd who will interact with us and the music creating a stunning atmosphere filled with love, laughter and happy memories.


All things Spinout on Facebook can be found HERE

All things Club Peel on Facrebook can be found HERE

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