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Welcome to Dreamsville – Lowestoft - Friday 7th July to 9th July 2017 - Written by Rachel Yarwood.

Our fun-filled weekend began with a 3-hour drive to Lowestoft, which was short in comparison to some. People had travelled from Italy, Australia, Ireland, Scotland and many more to enjoy the fun that is Dreamsville.

The weather was sunny and warm. We packed, like most people who frequent the mod scene, as though we were travelling and would be away for a month, not just two days. Polished shoes, pressed suits and shirts and an array of handbags and clothes for me were carefully loaded into the car, along with all the usual things.

We were looking forward to a great weekend and boy we were definitely NOT disappointed. Very smart people arriving all day on the Friday ready for the evening do at the Clearmont Pier. The organisation by Andrea and Maggie Mattioni & Kurt and Liz Fricker, Lee Miller and Dave Edwards is done with great efficiency and professionalism. Everything is thought about beforehand and nothing is left to chance, which is why this is a successful and well-attended weekender.

The tickets sold out quickly and I'm sure there were a few who were disappointed and couldn't get one but they will be quicker next year I'm sure. Dreamsville has a well respected following of people all intent on enjoying themselves. It was a Smart dress only event and no-one disappointed. The men looked sharp in their suites and tailor made trousers and shirts and the ladies all looked gorgeous and immaculately dressed in the most beautiful array of colours and designs, but as the weather was so warm I’m sure a few men wished they hadn't worn those wool suits!!!!!

The venue is superb, with a stage at one end and a large dance floor that allows the well dressed and well groomed people to strut their stuff on the dance floor. The Friday night DJ line up consisted of Lucas Gomersall, Rachelle Piper and Neil Lee, assisted by Lee Miller, Dave Edwards and Andrea Mattioni as residents.

It was lovely to see Lee Miller behind the decks again, doing his thing, after a difficult year for him and his family.

The selection of music was everything from soul, RnB, Latin, Boogaloo, Ska, mod tunes and everything in between.  Music from the off was spot on, with a massive mixture of styles and genres, something to suit everyone. Julian Jones, started strutting his stuff early doors, quickly followed by a few others. The dance floor was busy all night until it finished at 2 o'clock. There were many happy, hot and sticky people by the time the lights came on and everyone left saying that they’d had a great night

Another beautiful day in sunny Lowestoft, with everyone meeting at the Clearmont Pier for coffee, orange juice and some brave souls even started the day with a cold beer or two overlooking the beach and the sea reflecting on the night before, with everyone agreeing it had been a superb night.

Scooters arrived and the riders displayed their pride and joy as people ambled about looking and admiring them. The competition for the best scooter took place at 3 o'clock followed by the obligatory ride out to Oulton Broads. The judges, Andrea, Kurt helped by Jon Drake and Neil Lee. They carefully looked and examined and adjudicated all the scooters and decided to award trophies for the best Lambretta to Darren Taylor, the best mod Lambretta to Mark Jeffrey’s and the best Vespa went to Phil Durrow.

There was a good collection of traders selling vintage clothes and accessories on the Saturday and lots of the ladies left carrying new attire and accessories, looking pleased with their purchases. The stalls were set up in the room upstairs and were accompanied by a selection of DJs playing music. Half hour sets were the order of the day and all played their own preferred genre of music, while people chatted, drank and shopped.

The Afternoon DJ list was as follows: Mark Watkins, Jeff Farrant, Rachel Yarwood, Mark Crew and Mark Shaw, Alex Sisson, Rob Burr, Hans, Mark Taylor and Julian Clapton.

After a busy, but enjoyable Saturday afternoon, everyone headed back to their allotted B & Bs to prepare themselves for what was sure to be another great night. The hall soon filled up and it was another packed house, with over 400 people in attendance. Lots of very smart people, all enjoying the musical selections of the guest DJs Bill Kealy (Ireland) and Roberta Pompetti (Italy), along with Lee Miller, Dave Edwards and Andrea Mattioni.  The music was more RnB, but sprinkled with ska, soul and mod classics. Everyone enjoyed it and the atmosphere and the vibe was great.

The organiser’s pick their guest DJs carefully and all are well known and respected on the scene and no one was disappointed with what was played. The floor was busy again all night and so many happy people enjoying what is one of the high lights on many people's calendar.

A special cheer and applause was given to Lee Miller after he finished his second set, which was well deserved. Many who have known Lee, for more years than we care to remember, also know that he hasn't been well of late, so it was lovely to see him out and about doing his thing.

The venue was still busy right up to the end. As usual a few diehards took a dip in the chilly sea, which eased their sore aching feet. The sunset came up across the sea, looking beautiful and bringing to an end what has been another memory filled adventure and one that people will be talking about for a while to come.

Most people enjoy the weekend so much that they book B&B’s for the following year as soon they arrive, to make sure they get the accommodation they want.
This weekend is deservedly one of the best in the UK and one that everyone wants to be a part of again, as Kurt says…….. its been tiring and emotional!!! x

Kurt Fricker - Promoter summed it up with the following:

“ Ok, its that part of the weekend where I get all emotional so if that makes you vomit look away now. About 8 years ago we had a dream of an event where we didn’t have to spend hours listening to DJ’s playing music that you just didn’t get and could share with likeminded people, that understood that a smart dress only policy creates a great atmosphere. We did and hoped we weren’t the only ones.
Over the years Dreamsville has morphed into so much more. Its rare to find something like this, but I think Andrea had something similar with “The Italian Job” in Rimini. We are a family, we are not always perfect but we succeed or fail together. Every year has its challenges and we feel a certain weight on our shoulders to deliver the best we can for our family. Sometimes it can be stressful but we cherish every moment we spend together.

It’s been a spectacular weekend. You are Dreamsville. It’s been emotional…. Until next year 6th and 7th July 2018


The following quotes taken from the Dreamsville Facebook page:

“First time to Dreamsville! And what a dream..... great music, great venue shared with great friends! Didn't want it to end..... will definitely be coming back! Thank you all for a fabulous weekend x”

“Superb weekend I’m shattered lol.”

“Thank you Dreamsville for awesome weekend of partying, dancing fantastic music keep up good work boys and girls lasted on dance floor to 3am not bad for me so see everyone in July 2018....”.

“I actually don’t have the words to properly express the sheer joy that I have experienced this weekend. I have never been so warmly welcomed by such an amazing group of people. I have never heard such wonderful music and have never cried tears of joy at the end of a weekender because I felt so blessed to actually be there. Thank you Dreamsville, you have literally changed my life. You are all very welcome to come and visit us in Melbourne. Xx”

“Home and shattered with really sore feet. Thank you for a fantastic weekend.  Once again Hotel booked for next year.”


“As always is seems to take forever to get here then in a blink of an eye it's done. So many hellos, hugs, kisses and handshakes and so many we missed. Old friendships cemented new ones formed. A massive thank you to all the organisers who I have tagged and Dave Edwards who I couldn't tag,  we know how hard you work to provide the perfect event. To the DJs each with their own sophisticated style and always on point keeping us busy on the dance floor we tip our hat to your musical brilliance.
Dreamsville you have done it again, again and again. We salute you. Our favourite event of the year.  As always We are all booked for next year. Until 2018


“What a night!  I drank, I danced, I laughed, I drank, I laughed and I danced until my legs could take no more.  Walked back to the hotel at 3.15, soaked with sweat and a massive smile on my face.  Dreamsville, you nailed it again!  Massive thanks and congratulations to all involved in making this a great night.  See you next year, hotel already booked :-)”


“Hi all this was my First Dreamsville  ..and WOW WOW WOW....the music 10/10...the dress code 10/10 ...the venue 10/10.... for me the best event I’ve been to in the last 10 years .....easily ....sooooooo many friends I'd not seen for ages....massive shout outs to Andrea Mattioni , Kurt Fricker all the Dreamsville crew and DJs..and an even bigger shout out to my old mate Lee Miller who been through a lot lately and its an honour to be his friend.”

Dreamsville Facebook page can be found HERE

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