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Mark ‘Bazza’ Barrett dropped a promo of the forthcoming Get Hip! album to us to review and we have to say it’s fantastic! – 14 tracks from some of the most established acts on the scene that have played at the club over the last 5 years. What’s great about it is the energy that the album delivers from start to finish which gives you a flavour not only of the bands outstanding musical pedigrees but of the vibe of the Get Hip! club itself which undoubtably shakes Stockton-On-Tees to its core whenever on. With bands like The Jack Cades, Thee girl Fridays, The Galileo 7 and more leading the charge it’s easy to see why Get Hip has become so successful over the years and the album an extension of that success just had to be on the cards..

Get Hip! the club night was set up by Mark 'Bazza' Barrett who wanted to mix original live music & dj's with a varied playlist of soul, R&B, latin, garage & psych, funk, hammond grooves, original ska and other cool sounds.


Mark was joined by fellow DJ's Graham Richardson & Tony Pass and the opening night took place at The Music Lounge, Yarm Lane in Stockton-On-Tees on Saturday 5th March 2016. The 1st night was just a DJ only affair but they did have one band turn up on the night - Graham Day & The Forefathers who had been gigging at The Georgian Theatre that night and turned up to enjoy the sounds.


Since that first night the guys have always tried to put on one live band at each event and will only book original bands (no cover bands or tribute acts). Also the door admission is to be kept at a minimum which at the moment is £3 with the doors opening at 9pm till 2am. The night ran for 4 years at the Music Lounge with the last one to be held there taking place on Saturday 14th March 2020. After that they were supposed to moved having out grown The Music Lounge with the new home at The Green Room in Green Dragon Yard in Stockton-On-Tees.


Sadly, at present the guys haven't been able to host a Get Hip night at The Green Room due to the Covid-19 pandemic but they did manage to put a night on at its sister venue The Georgian Theatre on Saturday 10th October 2020. Until the clubs return this LP is a reminder of what the club and the guys are missing..


So, who’s on the album?


The Mourning After: Sheffield garage band who have been around since the late 80s. The bands self-titled debut album came out in 1993 and was produced by Captain Sensible. The Mourning After became the first band to play at the Get Hip club and have made 4 appearances in total. 'It’s Gonna Be Alright' is a different mix of a track from the bands 3rd album 'The 10th Century' 


The Chessmen: Leeds based trio who became the 2nd band to play the club in 2016. Sadly they have now called it a day but 'Gonzo' shows what promise they had at the time.


Oilbirds: Teesside trio who are fronted by local legend Tim Oxnard. Tim has been in quite a few bands over the years including The High Plane Drifters who had a song on the hit TV series Breaking Bad. Oilbirds played at the clubs 3rd anniversary night and 'I Will Not Be Denied' is their first outing on vinyl.

Thee Girl Fridays: The first band north of the border to play at Get Hip. The timing for Thee Girl Fridays appearance couldn't of been better as it was also the release date of their debut EP 'The Love Witch' on the Spinout Nuggets label. 'Shake-Shake!' is taken from the debut EP.

The Jack Cades: 4 piece band who were the first band to play Get Hip in 2020. The bands single 'Run Paulie Run' has become a bit of a dancefloor hit at the club. The band have released 2 albums todate and  'King Of Fools' is an exclusive to this LP having been recorded during the sessions for their 2nd LP 'Perfect View'.

The Milk Lizards: Surf band from the North East. 'Doc Croc' is taken from the bands 2nd album 'Warm' which came out in January 2021 but this is the bands first release on vinyl.

Thee Strawberry Mynde: North East garage/psych band with members from Middlesbrough, Hartlepool & Newcastle. Thee Strawberry Mynde played their first gig back in the mid 90s although have never really released much todate, more or a live band than a studio one. 'Know No More' is a new recording of a track that appears in the independent film Old Scars.


Green Fuzz: A duo and another one of Tim Oxnard bands. The band made a big splash at their 2nd gig when they landed a support slot with garage legends The Sonics!

The Galileo 7: Fronted by Allan Crockford (The Prisoners, The Solarflares, Prime Movers) this lot have been around for 10 years now. 'Looking Up' is a live recording of a song that first appeared on the bands 6th album 'There Is Only Now'.

The See No Evils: Ever popular quartet from Leeds. This lot have built up quite a following now in the North East and have played at the Get Hip club 3 times. The band have released 2 albums on Heavy Soul Records so far but 'Losing Streak' is an exclusive recording to the Get Hip comp.

Nervous Twitch: Another Leeds band. This trio play punk/pop and have released 4 albums todate. The band have played Get Hip twice at The Music Lounge & also The Georgian Theatre. 'From Spots To Stripes' gets it's first physical release here.

The Voo-Dooms: The last band to play at Get Hip before the first 'lockdown' of 2020 and played the clubs 4th anniversary. Two albums todate with 'Destination Doomsville' and 'Step Inside The Doom' and bassist Bruce Brand was also responsible for the Get Hip albums artwork. 'You Can’t Have Me' is an exclusive to this release.


Thee Dagger Debs: This trio play a great mix of pub rock, garage & glam. 'Lies' is a live recording from a track that featured on the bands self titled album which came on on the Damaged Goods label in 2018.


Track listing


1 – It’s gonna be alright – The Mourning After

2 – Gonzo –The Chessmen

3 – I will not be denied – Oilbirds

4 – Shake-Shake – Thee Girl Fridays

5 – King of fools – The Jack Cades

6 – Doc Roc – The Milk Lizzards

7 – Know no more – Thee Strawberry Mynde

8 – Green fuzz theme – Green Fuzz

9 – Looking up (live) – The Galileo 7

10 – Losing Streak – The See No Evils

11 – From spots to stripes – Nervous Twitch

12 – You can’t have me – The Voo-Dooms

13 – Lies (live) – The Dagger Debs

14 – Hidden – The Strawberry Mynde


What's to like?


It’s a fantastic collection of rocking up-tempo garage psyche dance floor monsters from the opening bars from the Mourning After’s It’s gonna be alright right through to the outro of the Strawberry Mynde’s Hidden every track has been hand picked to give the listener an insight into the thinking processes of the Get Hip! Philosophy. Its energetic, sometimes raw and very very danceable.


We can only imagine what the atmosphere must be like at Get Hip! The club night but if its anything like the raw freshness delivered on this platter we know that its patrons must have an incredible night, it’ll definitely be one we’ll be visiting once things reopen.


If you are looking for a quiet chill out Sunday morning album this probably won’t be for you but if you’re looking for a Saturday night sweaty growler of a dancefloor delight buy it, love it and well…….Get Hip!

The album comes out on March 31st on Red Star recordings and is limited to 300 vinyl copies. You can pre-oder a copy by visiting the Facebook page HERE

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