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Glyn Preece, the man, the DJ behind the legendary Mod club Out Of Time has been wowing crowds all over Europe with his top selection of 50s/60s R&B, Boogaloo, Hammond, jazz and killer Mod tunes, Glyn took five minutes out of his busy schedule to talk with us about his love of the music the scene and his history, as we head speeding towards Out Of Time's 5th anniversary this top jock reveals a little about the lifestyle of a top Mod Icon.


Glyn, can you tell us a little about yourself, where you come, your early influences, how you got your first break, your favourite places to play and the legendary Mod club night Out Of Time........


I was born & lived in Brownhills, west Midlands. Through my teenage years, I was brought up on music as my parents were into Rock & Roll and we used to go to family party's hearing Rock & Roll, Motown, 60s stuff.. so listening to little Richard, Chubby Checker, Billy Fury, Elvis Presley, Small Faces, The Kinks etc was part of my life,.. Then the Mod Revival came along I was going to youth club discos seeing older guys in suits, boaters with Scooters, Well that was it!!


I started finding out more about the music, style, going to Jumble sales with my nan rooting for clothes, sourcing records from Chasmick records in the High Street and listening out for THAT sound !! I was Hooked. Each weekend finding out what was on and meeting up with few other mates & chatting to the older guys, There weren't many Mods around Brownhills at the time, it was mainly Punks & Skins which were ok, I do like a bit of Punk.....


I got my hands on a lambretta ( which my parents didn't know about) and kept it in a mates shed. I went to various do's, The Memo, The Palace, The Orange Tree & rallies throughout the 80s early 90s getting more & more into it & sourcing & collecting records. I got a chance to spin some at a local do and loved it, that's where it all started for me spinning tunes.


Over the years I was spinning some tunes at rallies & the odd spot here & there until married/ family life came along but I still had the records, clothes and scooter etc, giving them a whirl every now and then. A few years passed and I was back spinning at a rugby club soul night & not long after started a night of my own, 2 rooms Northern soul & Mod.


I went to Birmingham one night & met up with Craig (Ace face barbers) Who ran Club a go go, I started spinning for him as resident along with spinning at various other do's up & down the country. I also did a few other bits & bobs such as organising bands & singers, getting chance to work along side Secret Affair, Purple Hearts, Nolan Porter, Terry Callier, Martha Reeves and Gwen Owens.


Then I moved to Wolverhampton, I used to go to a local Soul night Newhampton Soul where I used to also spin a few and got talking to Carl & Darren and Boom "Out of Time" was born! I was DJing, Promoting & looking out for guest DJ's up & down the country.


Not long after Sean Chapman joined us on board and we're into our 5th anniversary this year. I've also had the privilege of Djing at many fantastic events, The New untouchables, 3keys, Soul Circle now Upset the Town, Wang dang Doodle, AWOL, The Buzz, to name a few. But the Highlight for me was being asked to DJ at The Flamingo Mod Club in Turin, Italy. as I love Italy and have been going over for many years.


To find out more about Out of Time we have a our own Facebook page, keeping you up to date with our latest news, events, times & photos, the page can be found HERE


Glyn will be playing at the Suit Yourself Modernist and Sixties weekend in Bristol - March 2020