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Le Beat Bespoke vol 9

Rob Bailey aka DJ Dr Robert returns with his next fantastic instalment in the Le Beat Bespoke series of compilations, available on both vinyl and CD (The CD including 4 additional tracks) vol 9 grows on the ever-increasing coolness that has become the international brand spawned from London’s clubland now spreading worldwide. The Le Beat Bespoke phenomenon continues its quest in delivering what can only be described as top-notch party and live music happenings for fans of the effervescent sound of the sixties.

The choice of tracks for volume 9 are aimed squarely at the dancefloor and have been tried and tested from Robs play box at the hyper-cool Mousetrap in London which in its own right has become a legendary institution soon to be celebrating wait for it…..30 years residency in the capitol! Before being heralded around the globe and played to eagerly grooving dance floor masses, each track has been hand picked to give the listener an insight into the world of Le Beat Bespoke and every intro to each dancefloor filler is a temptation to throw away any abandonment the listener may have and be transported into a world of oil wheels, groovy cats and chicks, suburban sound systems, low flung ceilings and wonderful, wonderful carefree music, in this day and age it’s something we could all do with.

listening to the album and writing a review proved quite difficult as more foot tapping than typing became the order of the day but we managed it, the clever planning of the album means that there is a break of only one second between tracks encouraging the ‘nightclub’ feel to it which is fantastic and with the lively line up covering the 60’s mod, psyche, garage, R&B, freakbeat spectrum after one play you feel like you’ve truly had a good night out, again sorely needed for many of us.

Dr Robert delivers an epic array of artists performing on the album and personally remixes the fantastic Don Paulin – Ananas with a little help from Trevor Harding from Big Boss Man fame but this is just one tune in a collection designed get you up dancing. The track list below should see you hitting the buy now button alone and with exclusive design work from Pip!Pip! and inner sleeve notes and photos from Le Beat Bespoke this album is a sure fire winner to either add to the other eight released in the collection or begin your journey into the cool world of hipsters and upbeat hedonism.

Be warned though, if this is your first step into the world of Le Beat Bespoke vinyl releases prepare to have your cheque book ready as after your first listen to this fantastic album your bank balance will take a hit as you buy the rest of this incredible series.

The amazing track list includes......

1. Blow Up - Unknown

2. I’m Gonna Change The World - The Impact Express

3. Funny Day - The Mongrels

4. Don’t Take a Bite Of His Apple - Unknown

5. Where Is Love - Les Serpents Noir

6. She’s Gone - The Blues Company

7. Leaves Of Grass - Soul Inc

8. Today’s The Day - The Outcasts

9. Ananas- Don Paulin/Dr Robert

10. Soul Lovin’ Baby- Skip Wulff

11. Blow’n My Mind- Armando

12. Baby Get Your Head Screwed On - The Legends

13. You Told A Lie - Freddie & His Reflections

14. The Truth - Aesop’s Fables

15. Fat Man - Freedom Of Choice

16. Streamline- Airport

17. Better Run Away- Doctor Downtrip

18. Miracle Worker- The Freelanders

19. Love Me While You Can- Smokey Circles

20. House For Sale- Val McKenna

The album can be bought directly from the New Untouchables website by clicking HERE

Reviewed by Cris Davies 2021.

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