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When the press started picking up on the exhibition 'MODS - SHAPING A GENERATION' which is taking place in Leicester we knew that we had to find someone to cover the exhibition for us from the local area to tie it all in nicely, well there was only one fella for us, Facebook's successful Mod culture group PURVEYORS OF STYLE's PAUL MARTIN.

Paul kindly took the time out to review the exhibition for us, it looks fab, if you get the chance to catch it, it looks like you won't be disappointed - Over to Paul......

- I must admit that when I first saw this advertised I was very sceptical. There hasn't been a mod scene in leicester for years and there are only a handful of us dotted around the county. But I kept my eye on the Facebook page as things took shape. The exhibition has been organised by Shaun Knapp who has also written a book called 'mods: two city connection' which is available to buy from the venue along with other bits and bobs. Would I be walking into a media perception of 'mod' ? , well I needn't of worried to be honest as it's very well laid out. There are plenty of original clothes from the period along with lots of memorabilia. It focuses on the 60's mod scene in both Leicester and Nottingham and there are memories of both the il rondo and the dungeon clubs. There are display boards with snippets from those who were there and plenty of original photos , plus many cabinets full of old records..glasses..cufflinks & even an old rocker outfit. There's a display of scooters (Quadrophenia included, which must be down to the 40th anniversary) and whilst you're walking around there is music playing which could have been better to be honest. There's a small collection of revival stuff along with original photos and scripts from quad. I Have to say I enjoyed it and there's plenty in there to keep you interested and it was busy too, whilst we were walking around I was listening to others and there memories. It only takes an hour to take it all in but it's an enjoyable hour and well worth the visit. It's all being held at the new walk museum in leicester and unfortunately just finished.

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