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Summers here!! and we are on the way out of lock down, for those that have been stuck indoors for the last three months this is a welcome sign that hopefully things are getting better and for those that have been keeping us all safe by being at work while the rest of us have been at home, we applaud you and will always be grateful, I'm sure that once clubs and bars are open there will be lots of drinks bought for the key workers as a small gesture of peoples gratitude. As the government slowly eases us into a new normal people are enjoying the sunshine and loving being outside again including the odd scooter ride or two and meeting up with friends but we still need to be careful as we are not quite out of the woods yet, remember keep socially distancing guys and before you know it we will all be throwing disco shapes on mod dance floors around the world again. I know I could certainly do with losing a few pounds......

There will be, however some things I will miss about the lock down experience, the togetherness that has become so apparent, the tuning into various online radio shows which in heir own rights have bought people together, the clap for carers, the community feel, oh and the ability to drink our weights in alcohol but I like so many of you are looking forward to a haircut, slipping on some top togs and meeting friends in the scene again.Fingers crossed won't be long now....


In the meantime, what news do we have for you? well we launched our kickstarter project for our new magazine Detail - The magazine for modernists. We had 30 days in which to reach our target and unbelievably, and thanks to all that pledged we hit it in under three days!! That is truly unbelievable! We are now able to forge ahead with Detail and by working with the team from Welsh Mod ; Our Story its going to be a brilliant mag for the mod scene, we have some fantastic contributors on board and we have now launched our dedicated website where you can pre-order your own copy ready for the release in September. Website link below.

You can get more information from our dedicated Detail Facebook page HERE

In our music offices (Social distancing of course) we have been busy with the album from the fantastic IL SENATO, an Italian/British collaboration featuring Fay Hallam, Luca Re, Andy Lewis, Alberto Fratucelli and Roberto Bovolenta. Recorded at Rimshot studios (UK), ZIBALDONE (OUT NOW) has been released on Rubber Soul records (Italy) in conjunction with Suit Yourself Records and Music, we are handling the UK distribution for vinyl and digital. For more info join our page HERE

​We are super proud to announce that the band will be joining us at the Bristol Modernist weekender as part of our Saturday afternoon schedule in 2021.

In other record news, our second release on Suit Yourself records features a killer 7 inch single from a true Mod Icon -  FAY HALLAM!, Fay has bought the Prime movers fantastic 'GREENHOUSE' bang up to date with a brand new production with the legendary ANDY LEWIS and with a poptastic classic, a cover of Rainbow's Since you've been gone on the B side this is going to be huge!, We have a limited run of 500 and is available in store NOW!

Also look out for the release of Nick Corbin's fantastic new album Sweet escape which has now been released, we posted an exclusive interview with the man himself last month and as well as that Andy Hill bought us us a fantastic interview with Motown legend Carolyn Crawford and top Liverpool mod Stan May-Evans. In August we will be bringing you interviews with Electric Stars Jason edge, the director of the fantastic film 'Sometimes, always, never' Carl Hunter, A feature of Gary Linning's beautiful Vespa GS and lastly but by no means least an exclusive interview with the man behind the new mod rock opera 'Goodbye Victoria Road' Pat McVickar. A busy month.

If you fancy stepping out this month for a bit of fun our friends in the New Untouchables camp have just announced that Brighton 2020 is going ahead albeit it a very different beast, no evenings events and smaller 150 socially distanced events around Volks on Madeira drive, we will be there waving the Suit Yourself and Detail mag flag, if you do go come and say hi but please no hugging lol. This will be an interesting experiment as the event is primarily out doors with bands and scooters. This will be the first major event since lock down and we have been assured that all necessary precautions have been taken. More info on the New Untouchables web site.

You may have also noticed that we have been gearing up our online store with some incredible merchandise and gifts and bargains  We are now stocking Faye Hallam T-shirts and mugs, IL Senato and Little Triggers albums, our own exclusive T-shirt designs bought to you by some of the top Mod designers, DVD's and our own exclusive Suit Yourself mugs AND the all new Detail magazine polo tops.

Also check out our friends and partners at for amazing music inspired T-shirts and prints.


For cool music catch up with Alan's Suit Yourself Shakedown show online. 14 fantastic shows available at the click of a button HERE or on the Mixcloud link at the top of the page.

Have a great month all, hopefully see you all soon - Cris, Alan & the Suit Yourself team.

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