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The Pow Wow Club have been making waves for some time now, with hosts Mik and Kel Parry & Gav Arno, getting a reputation for turning up and spinning very rare and unheard 45's, mostly RnB or Rhythm & Soul. So Suit Yourself packed our bags and off we went to Sheffield to see for ourselves. A record box too, as Suit Yourself Alan was also feeling very honoured to be asked to DJ and close off the daytime session.

The Pow Wow Club is in the heart of Sheffield, and what a lovely city. You can see its industrial heritage with the architecture, and travel 2 miles out of town and you are in the Yorkshire Dales, what a lovely setting. The guys hosted an unofficial warm up on the Friday Night, as it was clear lots of people would be making a Weekend of it. We popped along to the pub in the heart of the city to have a mingle. When we arrived Mik, Kel and Gav couldn't have been happier to see us, and promptly introducing us to the crowd, which included contingents from Italy, Belgium and Denmark - Word is clearly spreading about the Pow Wow Club.

Saturday was the main event, the sold out The Birth Of Cool Allayer. We arrived at The Shakespeare, a lovely pub, with a fab garden, and not another house in sight nearby, so the music was cranked up! What really stuck us was the atmosphere, and the welcoming nature of eveypne there, really hard to explain but it was so relaxed yet buzzing, and clearly everyone was so happy to be there, to see old friends and make some new ones. The day time Dj's mixed it up, lots of RnB & Garage was dished up from, John Bechold, Kristof Vermeulen and Darren Barry-Woods amongst others. The daytime was closed by Suit Yourself Alan, who was invited after the Pow Wow boys had seen him DJ in London. Alan hit the decks and changed the tempo, throwing on some deep and mid tempo soul, the crowd reacted and sprung into dancing, and the positive atmosphere hit a new high - just what Mik had hoped for with the closing set, which overran onto 6:30pm.

We were back at 8pm, showered and evening wear, by 9pm it was RAMMED, and the place didn't stop dancing, that positive atmosphere just kept on building. The DJ's were immense, featuring the records of passionate experts, Jimmy Soulful (Soulful Torino, Turin, Italy), Donato (Dance With The Devil, Rome, Italy), Bill Kealy (For Dancers Only, Dublin, Ireland), Mace, Gav Arno & Mik Parry (The Pow Wow Club). Banging,Rthymn & Soul and Stomping RnB. Not much more to say, the picture gallery does all the talking!

To finish, we can only say a massive thank you to everyone there, so welcoming, and a special mention to Mik & Kel for being lovely hosts, and giving Suit Yourself a weekend to remember.

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