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QUADROPHENIA - The Who's seminal album and film tells the story of a young Mod from the sixties, growing up in London it's an insight into youth culture of the day, the clubs, scooters, fashion, music, drugs and clashes between Mods and Rockers in the seaside coastal resorts.


This summer sees the return of the album being played live up and down the country in a brand new show dedicated to the Who's masterpiece.


Suit Yourself caught up with Doug Freeman from the band before the tour kicks off and talks about his influences, the concept and what we can expect from such a fantastic show.


Hi Doug, can you give us an idea of your early influences musically which started you on your journey?


I’ve been a life-long Who fan after I was taken to see them in Manchester while still at school. It changed my life, it was like waking up for real for the first time. 


How did the evolution come together, how did the spark of Quadrophenia LIVE come about?


I was the person who thought of and got together the tribute band Who’s Who way back in the mid 90s. I was the founder member and singer throughout its heyday and we had really great success and great, great fun!  I left to go into business and became co-owner of the world-famous Marquee Club for a while until I sold it to Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics who screwed it up completely and bankrupted it. The club is now O2 Academy, Islington.


After some time producing bands and then trying to see if I could do ‘normal jobs’ I yearned to get back into music to sing The Who’s songs again. I realised that I’m completely unemployable as I’m.. well …. shall we say, happier doing things my way! I came up with the idea of Quadrophenia, live, in full with a big professional band of musicians I’ve got together and things snowballed rapidly from there. After a standing ovation for our first ever show in Bedford it seems every Theatre venue in the country want to book it.


Can you tell us what to expect when we visit the show.


It’s backed with exciting, sometimes heart-wrenching, a large-screen projection of archival footage, the emotions, tension and raw power that the music demands is delivered masterfully by the fabulous, charismatic band, The Goldhawks, with amazing replication of The Who’s sound. To send you home on an even bigger high there are a few all-time classic Who hits to close the show!


Can you tell us where we can catch the tour.


All over the UK and Northern Ireland, check out our website there are about 35 dates confirmed and about the same number again about to be firmed up soon


Where can our readers buy tickets?


Tickets can be bought online from each venue. Our management are racing like hell to try to get everything up to date admin-wise as things have gone quite mental on venues booking dates


What are the plans for the future of the tour? any international dates on the horizon?


We’ll be looking at Europe and elsewhere as soon as we can catch our breath. Already Holland and Germany are aware but we need to rein things in for a moment! Because of such high demand, we’re also doing a greatest hits show and then ……… what else could there be….let me think now……...


Will you be selling souvenirs or programs?


There’ll be a range of cool merchandise online soon and there’ll be programmes and merchandise at every venue.


Where can our readers get any more information about the tour?


You can follow us on FB quadrophenialiveband and/or  If you join our mailing list on our website we will keep you up to date with news and dates.

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