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After months of planning the SUIT YOURSELF MODERNIST WEEKENDER was upon us! What started off as an idea to launch a Modernist website soon developed into something much, much larger and to celebrate we thought we would have a little shindig of our own in Cris' neck of the woods Bristol. Well we've been playing in Alan's seaside part of the world, Brighton for a while so we thought we would give Brightons bigger brother a go so Bristol it was to be.

With the venues set, a swanky bar in the old part of the city and an old strip joint (Yep, you heard that correct) complete with pole which saw plenty of action from both boys and girls twirling tailored clothing......A sight for sore eyes, the next thing to do was book the entertainment. Step up some of the scenes finest DJ's from all over the UK. From national stars to big time local heroes we had them all - Lee Miller, Alan Handscombe, Ian Jackson, Dean Read, Ian Hurford, brothers Lee and Dave Grimshaw, Julian Rochfort, Paul Turner, Rob Powner, the lovely Siobhan Nolan Farmer and our very own Alan Saunders all armed to the teeth with BIG BIG tunes for the weekend party faithful.

But, why stop there we thought, lets get some more very cool people involved and after our fantastic interview with Mark (Bax) Baxter, producer of the incredible John Simons film, A Modernists (available to by on this site - shameless plug, sorry) a landmark deal was struck where we were able to show the film exclusively in Bristol the day after its London premier!! A treat for all that made it for the showing.

But that was on the Saturday afternoon and I'm running before I can walk here so back to Friday. We thought we would kick off this very special weekend with something never done before - Hosting an exclusive exhibition with Mad Mods and a camera!! whose outstanding images adorned the walls of both floors of the busy Boardroom bar whilst the aforementioned disc spinners settled themselves in to the weekend playing to an up for it crowd.

Friday done and it was back to the Boardroom, our swanky bar in the city for the Saturday afternoon where we set up a couple of tables for the shoppers. At this point we need to say a big thank you to David Dry, author of the book My Generation who kindly bought copies to sell which he signed, top man.

As the DJ's were playing the most amazing music downstairs and the John Simons film playing upstairs surrounded by the fantastic Mad Mods and a camera exhibition could it have been any better.......

Yep, step up the Bristol Mod scooter club who had arranged a cruise in from the iconic water tower to the venue and despite the weather being a touch cold we were treated to an afternoon of basically gawking at the beautiful Vespas and Lambrettas parked outside the venue, all adorned with period features. Plenty of passers by took plenty of photos, but, isn't that what being a Mod is all about....

A quick venue change and we were off to a classic piece of Bristol architecture in the shape of the Jack of Diamonds, a two floor venue in a salubrious part of the city which was once a strip club dating back to the late sixties. Fantastic, all the decor was still in place and like I mentioned before the pole got a bit involved once the drinks started flowing, you see we are promoters that like to run parties with party games...

This was the BIG one! all I can say at this point is thank you to everyone that made the effort to travel and properly look the business, the DJ's absolutely nailed it, the dancers were dynamite and the clothes were to die for, those kind gents from the Bristol Mod scooter club even donated a couple of beautiful Lambrettas to show at the entrance....

The one thing that stood out the most was the warmth and friendship of the night and over the whole weekend, there were lots of new friends made at our weekend and it's this which makes all the hard work worth it.

The guys played out of their pants until the very last of the cool cats left at 4am in the morning and it was time for us to pack up and head for home, very tired but incredibly humbled by peoples kindness and pleased as punch that everyone had a great weekend.


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